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Detroit Warrant Clinic

October 14, 2023

We are excited to finally announce that Our Own Wall Street will host a Warrant Clinic in Detroit! We will assist Detroit residents with lifting arrest warrants. Arrest warrants we can assist with are *felony non assaultive, *misdemeanor no victim and *traffic. The event will take place in the community, and we guarantee NO ARREST when you go through the pre-registration process.


Simply scan the QR code, input your information, and we will follow up with you. Keep an eye out for Pre-events to get registered and ask questions before the October 14, 2023 warrant clinic. Our team is excited that Black Voters Matter Fund & @GRAE Team partnered with us to do this great work in Detroit! Like & share to get the word out!#DetroitFreedomSeason #Detroit #ArrestWarrantLifted #CityOfDetroit #LiveWorryFree


Past Events

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